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A Hole In The Bucket

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In 1978, a computer program became privy to my grandmother's most secret thoughts.


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I feel like shit.

The Jig is up

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The next time I woke up there were several guns pointed at me. I opened my eyes to see my mom and dad watching as the local cops arrested me.

The Bridge

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The Chicago River is an artery of great renown in the history of the city, and it connects the lower waterways that lead to the town of Lockport and beyond. Near the old neighborhood where I used to live, the river divides the district, from Chinatown, do

The Bridge Between Angry Streets

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The streets are fast, and they are hard; for anyone, right down to the insects who are unwittingly sentenced to a hard surface hell.

Flying Tiger

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I screwed my courage to the sticking point and asked him if he had shot down any Japanese airplanes. He grinned at me. “One,” he said.

Poem to the Full Moon #7

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Lycanthropes are a myth.

That One Time I Tried To Be Enlightened

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One…two…three…can anyone else get past three? What if I’m the only one that can only get to three? Did I just fail life? One…I’m doing this wrong. I stop counting, but I keep my eyes closed. I stay seated in the lotus position and I don’t move, beca

Obtaining Sophia

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My accordion's name is Sophia and she is from Italy. She was born in fairytale fashion, the way my life in Madrid can sometimes be. A great and nurturing friend gathered money from many friends in our village, to buy me an accordion for my birthday. It was…

The Cold Never Bothered Anything Anyways

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What kind of person would she be remembered as if she died over night and someone looked in her freezer? She took out a package of bacon from the freezer that was dated 2009.