Anah-Karelia Coates

Location Santa Fe New Mexico
Occupation Caretaking mom/astrology
Website http://

About Me

I have been taking care of my elderly mom for 6 years I have let it cloister me I have 3 cats 4 including moms. Before this time and sparsley since, I have been blessed with a very active creative and social life
I have self published 4 chapbooks and 2 zines founded a small town newspaper and quarterly I have taught writing,dance and choreography, and astrology. I wrote songs in a band for 7 years I play a little accordion I have done some art installations, and organized countless rituals and community events. These days I do lots of laundry and social work on my mom's behalf. I am working on my nxt collection of writings

Why do you write?

Writing is my oldest muse I write to commune w/ source, self and sometimes others

Anah-Karelia Coates's Wall

Jonathan Ashworth – Sep 11, 2013

Such a lovely accordion story! That last line is fantastic. I'm in Santa Fe too. Ciao!

Anah-Karelia Coates – Sep 07, 2013

Thank u so much! The first night I went on I was drawn to your work but too self involved w/ my first post to read so I found it wonderful that you read me yay I think this is going to be a much needed community

Carol Reid – Sep 05, 2013

I loved your comment on my "Sage" story, thank you. Hope you enjoy being here at Fictionaut, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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