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I used to score girls by taking them on a ride past Frauenstein, up on a hill where you could see the trees, the whole lot of them sparkling white and pink in the breeze.

White Birch

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We have every kind of tree – and I have climbed them all. Except for White Birch.

Arborist Abridged

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Besides, that might have been the area of his birth, and if so, Jacob was now the director, priest, pallbearer, driver, and custodian of a hometown funeral


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Effluvium is such a lovely word so hey surprise to find it covers rancid butter, vomit, fertile gingko fruit trekked in from the pavement, the tree brought first to Philly and admired for its toughness.

The Fallen Oak

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Jonas Griffin stared out the bay window as he drank his morning cup, his eyes gleaming with something between wistfulness and disdain at Reynold who sat patiently in the adjacent yard, leaning against the majestic oak tree that towered in its hundred year


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In a corner of a neighbor’s land too stony to till Cob makes a mystery.

life in a day

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...a farmer in coastal California drives by a dead Cooper’s hawk, and says to himself, “Well, I’ll come back for the hawk later. I can hang it in the fruit trees to keep other animals away.” The weight of an avocado is too much to bear, and the smooth gre

Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Tree

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I found him dead underneath a sycamore tree. I knew it was a sycamore tree because of all the acorns surrounding the body.


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You have arrived at the river, numb with the murmur of the city and the sleeplessness of anger, boredom, and too many people loving too many people too much. The heat in this night, not the moon as in ancient poems, is blazing; the moon is pink like the…


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As brave as a deciduous tree in winter, / with only its trembling to give, I live. / Leaves, ordinary, thin, brown, die; dying, enrich the earth; I?

The Artist's Conk

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Whenever talk dies, or darkness gathers too closely around the breakfast table, everyone knows the list of ritual activities we can brightly suggest to skip the day forward.

Marry That Girl, Solly

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He had thought of the walk down to Mrs Greensmith’s shop when he and all the men beside him reckoned they’d “had it” that time when II SS Panzer-Division had fought like gods for Hill 212.

Unintentional Hermits/ Animal Cities- The Bubble Dancer

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Gaston could remember the first time he set eyes on Deno. He'd gone into the back of the house to enquire after a lost order and found himself face to face with the dish washer, a man in his late 20s, dual heritage, tall, staring eyes and dangling useless hands. The…

A Murder of Crows

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Six of them pecked and scratched/ something at their center/ in the middle of Virginia’s lawn—

gravelortian part 19

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Uproot everything, a muddy hole when done