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Foodarama Saturdays

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Dan and I perfected the art of procrastination, while tornado warnings did their radio-test rrrrn-rrrrn-rrrn groan on my Sony clock set. We imagined the trailing tails of these cork-screw clouds, dusting some outlying part of our sprawling city, lifting

Full Frame

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A month before the real flowers came, amputated trees for 31 miles were festooned with pink blossoms. The petals were tufts of Fiberglass insulation shorn from houses incapable of withstanding 260-mph winds -- more than twice the punch Katrina delivered t


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a Ferris wheel gently rocks its last riders then dumps them to the ground.


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It's Granny hauling her crooked soul into heaven. Guess who I stole that image from?


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Sirens wake me, screaming warnings in the dark.

Thirty Rainbow

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If you don't be a nice ninja you won't be alive much longer.

Tornado Diary

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The storm grew in might until it spawned the worst kind of tornado, an F-5 or Finger of God.