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Conversation on Thanksgiving

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“You always use that as a crutch. You, a sixteen year old girl. The way you were…” She looked at me, shaking her head, looking at my body as if remembering some wrong, some thing that should not have been.

The Cool Aunt

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You never forget your first mouthful of monkey stew.

Turkey Hunt

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While I was still new at Black & Twigg, shortly before Thanksgiving, Percy brought me a handwritten memo to type, the subject “Turkey Hunt,” addressed to all Black & Twigg employees in the San Francisco office from management. It said that the firm…

Kung Pao Turkey

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It was my grandmother's idea of a joke, but I never realized she was joking when she repeated it every Thanksgiving. She would sit at the head table just before Uncle Leon would carve the bird and ask, "It's an American holiday. Shouldn't we be roasting an eagle…

dark deer

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On the porch beside the banyan trees, Australian pine, palms, hibiscus, your son recites the Gettysburgh Address. It is Thanksgiving on Anna Maria Island and your family, parents, and sister's family sit before their vanquished plates.

Late November

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“I found a recipe on the net and now my hair smells of pumpkin.”


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Ted rose and began searching cushions of the bad furniture in his loft (Monte's loft, if you thought in terms of leases and rent and who had his shit together). Three shineless quarters in the yellow vinyl chair, a dime in the heater, nineteen cents in t


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He works up the nerve to peek around the tree. Tom looks in the direction he’d heard the footsteps. At first nothing seems out of place, then a small piece of forest moves. Not like a tree swaying, but like someone has cut out a section of forest and gave


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We knew the turkey would be ready soon, we weren't worried about that.

Urban Legending is Lonely Work

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A Chupacabra for Thanksgiving


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Unless we see it, probe it, Name it, star by star, and feel This awful, tenuous gratitude.