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Rage. Primal Justice.

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The sun is scorching the earth when I wake. I’m human amongst bones and smells of last weeks meals decomposing around me. Ironic, in the foulest pit of humanity it’s where I’m the safest.


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She’d first met him when she was twelve years old. Beakman had noticed her and her penchant for attracting strange things, thereby needing to be rescued from them.

Neophyte and Paradox

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"You and I," Xu mused. "Are most likely, on two different mountains."


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The strangest thing though was there were no people, everyone had vanished. No passengers, no train engineers, no busmen, not even any station attendants. I was alone. After checking a couple of doors and finding them locked I continued on along the plat

The Coldest Day

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It is once again the coldest day of the year. And I don’t know what to do.

Unfathomable Mammals

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Supernatural, you say dripping, as you take my hand in yours squeeze down for dear life, boring your fingernails into my palm,

A Short Visit

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April and Holly Shipp may have looked like twins, but their natures were like shade and sunshine.

Abomination at the Shilkie

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That I own one of the world's largest collections of occult references, including a clutch of rare and ancient grimoires, ought to suggest I'd have been prepared for the shock. But nothing in my studies left me meaningfully prepared. . .


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"Asaka-sama, we have been beset by the foulest of demons and nothing we do will rid us of it." The prostrated villager quivered from head to foot on the tatami floor. "Please, we are unworthy but would beg for your help!"Ietsugu's heart raced at the statement, though he…


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The shop was dark except for a shaft of light from the back room. I tried the locked door, wiggled the knob, banged loudly on the pane glass and yelled for Mr. Haupmann. A man's head appeared in the backlit doorway to a room adjoining the darkened retail area.…

You'll Know

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When you see him, you'll know.That's what the prophecy was. Well, part of it, at least. The prophecy that Tabitha was to be the next Earth mother. That when she saw her partner, she would know. Keith, and his mission partner, and the elders, they had made it so. Made it…

The Yellow Butterfly

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Let whoever may read this know: I am an evil man, and I have done evil things.


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It was a subtle change. Jeffrey's grandmother was never graceful. Her figure was like a garbage bag filled with rounded masses of leaves and the unexpected angle of the odd stick, the entire shambling affair draped in soiled and yellowed hand-knit clothing…

The Stairway (Short Story Excerpt)

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Leaves clouded the air and piled in great brown heaps like rotted snow on the old Maine road, disturbed for the first time in months by a lone, black SUV. It plowed its way slowly across the asphalt, the black surface cracked and hoary with years of neglect, past…


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When you live in a place a long time, sometimes you love it and then you hate it. But get enough years down the track and you don’t even notice it anymore. That’s because it’s not out there anymore, it’s wormed its way into you, shaped you, the grey mush