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I tried summer with my eyes closed

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I tried summer with my eyes closed.I tried it tied, bound tight as a bundleI carried on my head, in my teethI clamped summer until it squirmed.I wore it tied behind myself like a bow;I placed it like a rose in my teeth;I stood in its circle of lightAnd waited for…

Odds Are

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We're on a bench in the park under some trees close to the carousel when she tells me I can't count on having a career as a professional gambler.


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That summer crawled with them, insects of every denomination: cicadas caught by the cat, wingless, came to rest in the roots of the garden we planted; sudden swarms of dragonflies...

The Lookout

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Slipping past the jars of bubblegum and jaw breakers, I walked to the back of the store to the coolers for a soda. The wet swimming trunks under my tough-skin jeans had made a damp half moon on my rear end. I stuck my hand deep in my pockets. I…

The Snotgreen Sea

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The only reason why Paddy talked to me at all was because I quoted from Ulysses. The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea! I shouted as I shucked oysters for the dinner rush.

Click, Then Silence

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“I miss you,” I say. I don’t mean to; the words just tumble off my tongue, like pearls slipping off a broken necklace then spilling across the floor, a few caroming underneath the furniture.

Summer Son

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Henry demands that his youngest son get a summer job instead. It’ll be good for him, keep him home, STD-free.

Foodarama Saturdays

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Dan and I perfected the art of procrastination, while tornado warnings did their radio-test rrrrn-rrrrn-rrrn groan on my Sony clock set. We imagined the trailing tails of these cork-screw clouds, dusting some outlying part of our sprawling city, lifting

Sisters At The Lake

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My sister says to me, “Put your finger there.” I look at my wrinkled finger and lick the tip. It tastes fresh. My sister says, “Put it there now.”

Girl Band

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The four wore summer frocks and sandals

Licking around the rim

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Sure, it was a hot day, but the driver was in the middle of a driving lesson!


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... all my friends are girls; I like opera; I can answer all the questions about male and female ejaculation – without stammering – in sex ed. classes. And Braydon? In boardshorts, tall and tanned and naked from the waist up ...

On the Way to Slab City

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The big yellow arrow on the Never Lost pulled us toward a penny-shaped disc, our destination, an intersection, a crossroads, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We pulled down the road; past two home hair salons and a house with the garage door half-open;

Broadbeach Bargain Bin

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The ice in Mum’s drink clinked as she rolled the glass across her forehead. “Ith that a gay thing or ith that a vampire thing? ’Coth I’m finding thith all a bit confuthing.”

Liebe Grüße

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Left, I see parkland and cyclists and sun. Right: picnic blankets, naked men and lunchtime assignations.