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Why I Want To Go North

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we all want to go down / because nothing north can be good.

Sex Ed With Barbie and GI Joe

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As soon as I discovered that nasty thing the grownups called “sexuality,” I just knew it would get me in a lot of trouble some day—with Jesus, my parents and some yucky boy—so I hid it. But my Mama and Daddy noticed my sinful sexiness way before I knew I

Invasive Species

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Regret sounds like a rubber band pulled taut, then snapped.

From the West, Eastly and Southly

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It's not a drive I make often, bubbling my way through those fermenting hot warrens with slow simmering eyes, or through the ripe, vanishing stands and bug-infested bill boards, upright, by a sliver, the few remaining insects clinging desperately to keep the…

The Dog

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They stood at the intersection waiting for the light to change so they could cross the highway.


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"You gonna be old before you're old," my father had told her.