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Teenage want

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I want him to kiss me even if it feels like being licked by a fish.

red dust

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“Each animal has its own strength.” She insisted. “And if the rooster were provoked. It would kill a snake.”

Snake, Rope

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The snake was fang-less and so had to choke her, making the kill bloodless and drawn out, just the way she liked it.

American Muscle

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The forest is ours, the sea belongs to the Brits and the Americans have heaven.

shades of a young miss zorita

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When you sit on your Mama’s porch with your friend’s eight foot boa constrictor around your neck think: “Long lines"...You tense, he tenses. You freak out, you’re dead. He’s not a kitten, OK? He’s not a puppy. He’s not your Mama’s love “surprise.”

shades of a young miss zorita

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When you are in the grip of the snake it helps you are comfortable being sexual, so don't ever let someone talk you out of it.

shades of a young miss zorita

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So ride it out, dear sister, do not move. Ride it out and lengthen your sweet gorgeous lines.

Thirty Rainbow

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If you don't be a nice ninja you won't be alive much longer.

what are our motives

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Do you think that’s a good idea, you said. Sure, I said, as the men coiled up the anaconda and put it in a second truck that had arrived. You don’t think anyone will wonder what our motives are?

Snake and Duck

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Gloomy night slippery as snake and duck.


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Lying all over itself...

Why She Is in Love Again

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Minutes later he drove back