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Early Tuesday Morning

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The moon hung in the sky, round and pale, under cover of some wispy clouds.

fish gut buckets

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The pier stretched out by where sharks came and men waited with beautiful dirty buckets that held strange and dangerous things, buckets with fish guts, buckets with blood, with character, buckets like prophets or a gritty desert walking saviour like Chris

Peter Graves Is A Mad, Mad March Blimp Captain

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"...ooompa loompa tuba cymbals and then wrist, Godzillas in the mist all over again. .."

A Piece of the Sky

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For the briefest moment, she was part of the sky. She hung there. Frozen. Suspended. Arms outstretched. She thought maybe she could take off flying, if she strained against gravity hard enough. She would soar into the pale blue until she reached the clouds. They …

They were reaching for their mother's breath

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And if the dead can't wait, they crouch

A Thin Piece of Something

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Last week, Beatrice told Rick she doesn’t want to marry him because why should they need an antiquated religious ceremony to validate their love for each other? But really it is because she does not love him. They both know this, but only deeply. They do

Before and After

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My heart beat someone up the stairwell.

The Thief

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I said, kiss this.

What Some Boys Do

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I squeeze the soft bag tighter between my legs.

moon soon sun

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Endless Prairie, Empty Sky

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Mama died after Daddy didn't come home from the war. The bottle and pills hurried it along, but she really died from a broken heart. Aunt Orphy and Uncle Louie sold the farm in Twig and took me in. We moved to a tiny ranch house in Coon Rapids, a flat, treeless place where…

The Dead in Paris, Complete

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Did we get Jihadi John?/ And the highway to Mosul?// What’s the score?