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Rose Petals

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A supermodel, carrying a large Valentine’s box, fell on the ice.


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Three A few months later, queuing for cinema tickets with her new boyfriend, she sees him. He's walking down the street — headphones on, eyes down, hands in pockets. She holds her breath until she stops shaking. By then, she'd already decided not to tell. …


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My people rested naked sandwiches on the arms of chairs, and always had an open saucer with half melted butter, a block of Velveeta cheese in the freezer, an open rice cooker.


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Years later, I found a map in my brother’s lonely apartment in L.A. “Bury me here,” he instructed in a scrawl on a map he had drawn of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Understand, Rubberband?

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After we moved uptown we lived close enough to the park that we could go there on our own (with permission) on weekends and during school breaks to visit the zoo or the pond where people floated their mechanical boats....

HUSBAND (opening door & shouting): 'Hon . . . WHAT'S FOR DINNER?'

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WIFE (calling back from kitchen): "Dick Cheney's penis!"


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I watched myself tilt my head and coyly smile in the bottom right corner of the chat window-the two off-kilter lamps in the room were casting an asymmetrical shadow over half my face.


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A deserted breeze hangs and waits and talks with staggered shapes in the sky like a melancholic child, held behind and forced to face the wall as better taught and better-tempered children dig for ancient ruins just ou

Full Frontal Shameful Replication of Incorrect Anatomy

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I look down at my free of clothing genitalia and curiously note that the testicles sprout from above my erect penis, and my scrotum is so taut, hard and shriveled as to conjure squished images of a gigantic pink peanut.


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My skin is tearing in microscopic slits

Life as a Porno

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It could as well be late night infomercials/ saturating the screen// with medieval looking exercise machines

The First Heart Attack, or What Happens to Your Daughter When You Die for a Little While

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There is no happiness found here. It was a dove darkened by honesty, by fear. Should you need happiness, find it elsewhere inside your mind. It is in this place where all things can be honorable and right. It is here where light turns outward.*While the…