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Losing Track (after Denise Levertov)

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To know the ways you will be with me: Black square of your back as you push off-shore. Black square of the pier. Some great, dried dream of before.

The Good Ship - Forgotten

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As I gripped the wheel and stared at the expanse above my head, my compass spun wildly. Something wasn't quite right

Grown Man Cries

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I was going to explain how it was all pre-planned, how we’d bought the boat for me to live on while she rediscovered herself in the slums of southeast Asia. How she needed to “do her own thing” for a bit, hang with the forsaken souls of the world, h


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It's so nice to be under something else's power


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BACK HOME We sit crosslegged in the tub. We've been three days sailing on the Sound and are pleasantly exhausted. I soap my face and Joy begins shaving me. It takes all the concentration I can muster to keep from smiling so she can shave around my…

The Tribe of Women

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One can’t predict the final cadence of one’s life.

A Catalogue of Ways to Die at Sea

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Quimby’s eyes lit up. “Oh, lads, there must be a thousan’ ways to die at sea! I’ve made th’ Atlantic passage a good many time; lemme recount some manners of death I’ve witnessed with mine own eyes.”

The Technicolour Hours

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The other night / I dreamt I was an astronaut