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The Time I was Mean to Rex

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Andy's dog Rex whimpers a lot.

A Science Experiment Called LOVE

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Scars shine like jewelry. Under the microscope of introspection. Two opposite poles possess positive and negative. all along the borderline between the true and false.

Head Between Knees and Back

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...we congregate, a flock of mothers waiting for our babies to nestle beneath our chins...


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He bounced over the beach, twirling and leaping as the sunlight warmed the breeze on his belly, like when he and Janie were six. His jacket slid down his arms into a Batman cape and he laughed as he skidded to a stop and crashed onto his back, mouth open and eyes…


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He bounced over the beach, twirling and leaping as sunlight warmed the breeze on his belly, like when he and Janie were six.

Sacre Something

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My first abroad journey completed. A picturesque way to end it all, really. I’m into that, I think to myself: making things play like movies or dramas or as beautifully as I can make them.

Sad without Tears

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Sometimes, to be sad, you don't need tears.


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“You have an impressive pair there,” he says, hands warm as he cups them. “Shame they’re on a man though.”


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Years later, I found a map in my brother’s lonely apartment in L.A. “Bury me here,” he instructed in a scrawl on a map he had drawn of Woodlawn Cemetery.

An Old Peach

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Allen would stroll the remains of the orchard, reminiscing with Tad, flirting with dementia.

Waiting for His Wife

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"Dad, I already told you about your wife. She’s not coming."

When the Spring Dies

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T.S. had said that April was the cruelest month. J.B. Miter had always remembered that line, although with all that birthed itself during those thirty days, he had hardly understood why. But now, he thought, he was beginning to understand.

Anxieties of Absence

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On beach trips with our families, there were bumper cars, jet skis; flash enjoyments, beach-themed distractions.

Cognitive Therapy in Russian

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We aren't designed for darkness. Something deep inside of us, something much older and deeper than us is telling us to move away, get to warm, because if we don’t, come winter we will die.

Seeing Me

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I got to see me the other day.