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To be fair, I have to say I learned things from Lisa, certain things about sex and how to use my body effectively, to use what I had to the best effect, though it probably would have been true to say that about any girl who might have been the first girl

Silent Season

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we are tired, you and I.

A Hall of Mirrors

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My face in your face The light in your eyes Dancing and twirling Growing, alive A hall of mirrors reflecting me Shards of glass Silver and black Injure and cut Years of bad luck A hall of mirrors protecting me Wrinkles and bags Time's been unkind Disease and…


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Fireflies light up the darkness.

When I Asked You to Sing at My Funeral

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It's because poetry would not do because the fireflies were alive that night, aflame


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In search of my spiritual source I was trailingDown canyons darker than depths undefinedMy shadow has followed the same foreign footstepsHeard the cruel whispers and told the same liesWe drink the same sorrowSleep til tomorrowHead back to SamsaraIt builds up mind and…


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I try to mentally reconstruct the events, but my memory of that day and many of the days and months afterwards are like disconnected scenes in a movie I saw once, years ago, while intoxicated. I want to get the minutiae right.


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October Unruly flocks of geese trumpet and bleat, wings beat, hidden in a shroud of mist over still water Newly fallen leaves lay sodden and silent on the stony path, their season spent Cornstalks lean in rusty fields, crepe paper strands fluttering like feathers on…

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 117)

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The wind was rushing through the island like a comb gliding through thick, and dense hair.A dark flash striking the ocean with amazing speed. The ocean was fighting within itself. The waves pushed and pulled, creating white caps that went past the city.

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 128)

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He went to sleep that night with one thought. He said it aloud, to make sure the island heard as well. Cuddled into his tarp and weeds, he whispered, "When you need me, I'll be ready."