Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 128)

by Shan Shaikh

The view of the sunset was amazing from where Killzone sat; hints of orange cut through the black sky. Killzone was setting up camp closer to the beach this night. It wasn't as cold as the week before. The sand was  warmed by the presence of the burning, yellow ball of fire. He sparked a quick fire, and began to throw pieces of lumber into the baby inferno. He also pulled out the fruit and fish he had collected. While cooking his fish, picking off pieces of sand from its scales, he took a moment to inhale the fresh air this island had to offer. The smell of fish being cooked did not get in the way of the smell of night. It was so very distinctive. The smell of night on Earth differed from the smell of night on this island. So much cleaner, so much more livelier. Killzone's grin was the start of comfort in his weary heart. The stars were out again. He could count more than 200, and still not get bored. Each star, to him, meant a whole new story. As he was taking that time to admire different parts of this special night, provided by the island, he spotted the city skyline. He could barely make out The Citadel, but it was there. Still standing tall and majestic  even after the incident. At that moment, he started to wonder if anyone was looking for him. Have they already pronounced him dead? Did "she" find out about his disappearance? He looked at the ground, as if to rid the thoughts that once haunted him for the first few months. He almost forgot the sound of the waves. They were slithering up onto the shore so very gently. They didn't even make noise as the came up towards him, but further ahead the waves were clashing against each other. Making sounds only heard in the deadly jungles of Zulcan. It was like the ocean was telling him something. Where he stood was peaceful. Where he slept, there was no danger. When he got to thinking, there were no more worries. But out there was anger. Out there, there was frustration. Out there, it wasn't safe. But his thoughts were finally cleansed. His motives were finally clear. His worries were finally gone. He has more than enough where he stood, right now. It wasn't what he wanted, though. He wanted to finish the job. The job given to him at birth. His sole purpose in this life. But, for right now this was all he needed. Time away. He went back to his fish and fruit, and began to eat his meal. He went to sleep that night with one thought. He said it aloud, to make sure the island heard as well. Cuddled into his tarp and weeds, he whispered, "When you need me, I'll be ready."