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Rabid Atween Da Erz

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yoo evva kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz NO end din yoo siz yoo wanna kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz OK end yoo pull yoo

Only losers reminisce about their show & tell days

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Somehow I always had to sit behind him. I remember because he had a constellation of skin tags on his neck. I thought about drawing stars on him; I thought about creating a new galaxy I would rule. I should have been learning math instead. I still can’t

The Faceless Girl Tells Stories

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spreading gilded pages with a tlickt


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"I found a dead bunny one morning. This was about three weeks ago. Its tiny round pom-pom of a tail was missing."

Failed Restaurants

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Their specialty is the roasted Australian hare, long ears intact, arranged on a bed of sassafras.


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"All you want to do all day is write your books. You don't care about anything else, you don't care about Jeffy, he needs exercise and proper food, look how thin he is!"

Paddle/ Pedal/ Piddle

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You say boxer briefs, I say pillbox hats

Night of The Lepus

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I've decided I'm here to be absurd.