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Planet Crabby

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On Planet Crabby a boy met a girl and a girl met a boy but neither couple got anywhere because they dismissed their prospective partner as just plain too crabby. Alternative arrangements were unthinkable. This happened a number of times.

Castor and Pollux

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Over the stained fence the spectres flew and that is where the rain was turning colder and colder in the time when the trees had become mostly bare.

An Occupy Trifecta

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We have the power of the ordinary on our side.

Explore, Expound, Expand, Explain

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We walk on

Age is Relativity

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Albert Einstein was probably the genius of our age. Joe Biden is a close second, yet Einstein not only had better hair but a keener knack to think of things that no one else could, or would, or would ever want to, since if they did, their brain would shockingly combust in a…


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He called it Rosebud, this chocolate starfish orb Of jacksy ring To rectify the back door thing His brown-eyed, elementary cleft did sing For Venus, Mars and more Considering the sun don't shine So much on Jupiter, but for The Plutoid bung of Saturn's rung…