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Bonne Fire

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And the voodoo pins pinged as, folding and imploding, she was reduced to a petro-chemical puddle.

A Sight for Sore Thighs

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You kissed me, and my heart stopped beating – it didn’t need to any more. I had your heart to beat for both of us.

Doll Parts

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She’s always had one foot on a pedestal and the other in a gutter.

The Widower

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So he pricks their son's finger sometimes and sucks it to get a taste of her

Love Story

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I don't know when it was I first stumbled across your blog. I know I definitely must've followed the link on your twitter profile, but how I found you in the first place, I have no idea. But fate works in mysterious ways, I suppose. I remember I then visited your blog every…


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Now his patterns would be completely out of order and, being superstitious, he was certain this meant the Red Sox would lose -- all because of him.

The Chainsaw Baron Prophecy

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I’d do the same thing every weekend: get high on fiber, design a robot. Wait, back up. I’d come home from work, Friday night. I didn’t know anyone in Jet City because I spent all of my free time trying to shoot my movie, The Predatory Lender’s Jukebox

Group Therapy

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I'm here as mandated by the court. I look around the room with trepidation. At first, it all seems so mundane it's stupefying. Harsh fluorescent lights, a circle of metal folding chairs, stale, acidic coffee in white, styrofoam cups, the acrid tang of Pine Sol failing to…


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Every time I look at you there are two dumb mouths that slip between stretch marks.


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She rose to one elbow, brown breasts lolling in the shadows. “I tell you when you go.”


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Surely someone as clever as I can hatch a plan that will make them pay for rejecting me. Ignoring my genius has a cost and they will pay the price.

Teeth - Yet Another Obsession

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The teeth I want must hold significance. Like the quote, “it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey,” for me, it’s the connection that I’ve had with someone and the story behind the lost tooth that interests me.

The Purple Prose of Cario

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I contemplate the words that did not make it; the lost ones. The words deprived of their moment in the sun. These words. These words that are not part of the story.

Wandering Eye

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“If they look that good in shorts.” I warned him once, in a candid, humorous moment, “Then they’re probably too young for you to look at.”