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There was a velvet king down there in his earthy house. His name was Hades and he had a bad reputation: the lord of death, etc.


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I did not know it was you at first. You tricked me in your feathered form, a fine white tuxedo and black tie, your dark shoes polished to shine on Mars. You were a god to me but I still didn't recognize you at the lake. You floated out of the dark, froth

Scylla and Charybdis

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Two Great PoetsTwo Wonderful WorldsOne Flesh & BoneI liked this... love the image.... thank you for writing me this One Pixel ScrawlsIf I am to be nothing but pixel scrawls...then those scrawls will exceed that of far more than flesh and bone... …

The Virgin Bride, 1959

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But she didn’t look up at him when she said it. He should’ve known better. This is why he’s walking the streets of her hometown in the middle of the night. Too skittish for sex, so he left in frustration, she in tears. He sighs, looks up, and sees t

Letters from the Aslyum (2)

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Leo, leo, leo, leo, the word itself imprinted on my brain, carved with a pearl handled blade into my cerebral cortex, into the medulla, burrowed deep into my dreams, I miss your kissing.


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"From up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire," he croaked, his voice scratchy from sobbing. In pinpoints of illumination he imagined his wife - *former* wife - Calli in that Mustang convertible he'd gotten her for a birthday surprise

Chatty Cassie

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I lost it/In more ways than one/ Sunshine so bright I needed shades

Am I Anna Karenina?

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You’re often photographed at Martha’s Vineyard at sunrise, Key West on New Year’s Day, Coney Island on Christmas, and variously at dive bars in Montauk. You’re a woman of a certain age and you are also a woman of the world. You’re a 21st century


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Some say the simurgh is an enormous bird with four wings, teeth, and a human face, able to carry off an elephant in her talons.

632 Elysian Fields

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Stanley drops my suitcase and gets a beer, leans against the sink like a wrestler. I see the same craziness in his eyes.


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My hair is matted — mud, tears, blood — I have lost track

Leda, After the Swan

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I do not jerk up to sirens birds doorbell shouts hello hello through the letterbox hello

The Eleventh Brother, After the Swan

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I turned a maiden to a witch / and back again

Lire's Children, After the Swans

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our eyes misted white as goatskin

Unkind Myth

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Here I am, my raging clitoris on parade.