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Buffalo Bob and the Honey Dipper

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I girded my loins for battle, as best I could, and dressed from head to toe in hard hat, gas mask, goggles, cover-alls, rubber gloves, and steel-toed boots. At the very least, the bare minimum for performing this unspeakably repugnant toil should have be

Pinocchio's Back with Snow White Again!

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“Lie to me, lie to me!” she kept screaming.


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The elders of the town will tell you that as soon the prophet mill arrived everything went to Hell. Before the process was streamlined, prophets used to be grown organically in the community. They popped up only where the ground was tilled and a prayer was planted. They…


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Becoming truer heroes on our own.

The barbarian at the gate, a work in progress

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I may even invite the little man, who lives in the closet, to come out and visit me: Come over here, pleasure me, let me sit on your pink latex face.

Deus Ex Machina

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He rolls in unbidden across the stubble fields / Old acquaintance astride a newly booming cloud/ Under sky an alien shade of strawberries whipped/ Her watch stops ticking out the rest of her/ scheduled breathing poses

Orpheus and Eurydice

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This is hell amongst the bloom and grow. Spring's warmth is cruel, a feast of unrestraint...

Before the Fall

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We don't know his name, or why he walks along our beach talking to the wind. They say his house fell into the ocean. Tipped over like Humpty Dumpty and tumbled down the cliff into the sea. We don't know why he walks along the shoreline and sings to the raging surf.…

Sealskin, Soulskin

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There lived a girl with silver hair and silver skin; there lived a girl who’d dance with the waves. There lived a girl who could transcend her body.

A Strange Girl Like Me (Leda 2.0)

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I was a peasant girl, believe me, and nothing much to look at--- close set eyes, one blue and one green, wispy brown hair and a chin that dominated every other feature of my face.

Eurydice 2.0

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Step off, dude. I have no intention of coming back to you.

Mon in the forest: a fragment

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Mon wakes up surrounded by trees. The light is grey, the trunks black.How long have I slept? he wonders.He doesn't know which way to walk. In every direction, the same prospect of trees. He looks up at a blank sky. No sign even of the sun.***He starts walking. Slowly,…


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Ymir used to be a big nothing;Now he's everything.His hair is the grass, the trees, the reedsHis scalp is the desertHis skull is the empty vault of spaceHis brain is telecommunicationsHis skin is a reality made of matter and miragesHis forehead is the Ten CommandmentsHis…

Odysseus Remembered

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Years later Polyphemus still remembers the wine-soaked taste of Odysseus’s men. The barley and garlic-flavored Greeks. Their flesh a fibrous, blood-hued hummus. Their crunched bones releasing sweet marrow.