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Shadow of the Raven (act i)

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On the All Hallows' Eve that I rapped at his library door Dr. Percival H. Wyndham was seated before the blazing hearth in his favorite leather armchair. The cluttered shelves lining the room's Maple-paneled walls brimmed with rare and obscure titles, their…


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The whole time I wondered why I was there. She didn't want to see me. I didn't exist to her anymore. Nothing and nobody from those times did. It was important to try seeing her anyhow. She had been there for me once. I believed in righteous dues.

Purple Lady, Lavender Afternoon

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—Pretty tulips, said the woman.

Death's Honesty -- 1

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She thought at first it was lightning.

Death's Honesty (Ch-2)

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That quick, sharp pang in the stomach...

Death's Honesty (3)

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“Oh, Blow, where's your sense of humor?”

Death's Honesty (4)

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“I was so fucking stoned, man”

Death's Honesty (5)

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“Man...I...I loved them!”

Death's Honesty (6)

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Blow knew better than to trust any cop completely.

Death's Honesty (7)

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"It doesn't look good."

Death's Honesty (8)

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Moriarty, we need to talk.

Death's Honesty (9)

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Stood up at the church

Death's Honesty (11)

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We left Blow heading back to Patmos after receiving a terse message from the church secretary that “something happened.” Feeling danger in the air, he arranges for Homer Price to back him up.

Death's Honesty (12)

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All-important sex scene? Getting closer, getting closer--still in foreplay

Death's Honesty (13)

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[Coming attraction: ...grunt grunt grunt...yes yes grunt grunt yes yes yes...YAYYISSSSSS!!!...] Meantime... (brief synopsis in author's note)