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First Shot (22)

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First Shot (23)

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His grunts reached even further up the scale, approaching soprano.

First Shot (24)

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First Shot (25)

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...friendly squeaks...


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I sit in the dark, awake yet aware of another inner death. I breathe in the dark with a disinclination to the cold crimes of my mind. My skin senses the failure of evolutionary processes; a certain kind of abandonment. There is no iron cage of atone

First Shot (28)

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The "sex scene" y'all been wanting.

First Shot (27)

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He felt desolate.

First Shot (29)

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...whatever the hell they did...

First Shot (26)

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“Are you...are you sure you're alright? You haven't dropped acid or anything, have you..."

First Shot (31)

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Some of the blood splattered my tunic.

First Shot (30)

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...Himmler killed Gunther after Gunther...

First Shot (32)

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First Shot (33)

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First Shot (34)

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An Orb for a Better World

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Max sighed. Solving for x was boring, so mind numbingly boring that he didn't notice the flickering blue light hovering in his room. It crackled and popped, growing until a shimmering rectangle stretched from floor to ceiling.A hand pushed out from the rectangle, and a…