Stories tagged mystery

Death's Honesty (14)

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Bring the cuffs? You have 'em, I left 'em here. No you didn't, the whip? Got it. Gimme... [marketing blurb]

White-haired corpse

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The shank of white hair spoke to Blow as intimately as a whisper...

Violent Vibes

6565 views44 comments22 favs he rounded the curve.

Emotional Tag Team

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...his sense of urgency was tingling.

Ring-a-Ding Ding

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...something in its pulsing dynamic of motion...

Another "Accidental" Tryst

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She smacked his back a couple of times with the flat of her hand

Moriarty lets her hair down

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He did not hear her enter the room...

Blood on Her Hands

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Only blood I got on me was pulling him over onto my seat when I got out.

Lover's Spat

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“You haven’t been listening, have you.”

Blackbeard's Blood

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I don’t care if they find the damned place. I don’t care one fucking bit.

Hardaway's Poems Piss Off DC Bigwig

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Gladstone called him a ‘goddam nihilist’--

Lunch at Luigi's

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Identification both ways was BooBoo, case sensitive.

Deadly duel: Blow v. Teach

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At last, we learn if Blow has the cojones to fight.

Broke Neck, Lost Leg?

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Playing hurt

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Rose is back. Rose is back.