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a motorcycle for a dream: one suburban woman's fantasy

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Would that be power? Yes, she thought so, at least for her, it wouldn’t take much. And the skull and cross bones helmet, would she risk it? She thought so, yes, perhaps.

John Doe's Jeans

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In the panic following news of my motorcycle crash, my honey fled the house without coat or wallet, and now, nearly midnight, we don’t even have cab fare home.

Slices of Life: Housework, The Black Sea, Bed Post

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Another notch in her bedpost.

A Tiny Love Story, Told in Triplicate

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I think we were supposed to run away with each other long before this. There was that night on the motorcycle, the loud buzzing engine that cracked through the air heavy with rain threat, as we took the backroads and their curves too fast in a rush to get


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From behind her hips reciprocated/ like the pistons of a motorcycle.

The Lioness For Real

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you happen to me like motorcycle tricks