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She was now sitting in her bathtub. The warmth of the water made her pale, rich vanilla skin flushed with the fullness of circulation as her pores continued to allow the passage of her toxins from her system.


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“He looks funny again,” the twins would say. “Cow looks funny, Mummy.”

A Hall of Mirrors

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My face in your face The light in your eyes Dancing and twirling Growing, alive A hall of mirrors reflecting me Shards of glass Silver and black Injure and cut Years of bad luck A hall of mirrors protecting me Wrinkles and bags Time's been unkind Disease and…


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Listen to me, at the end of all things, and I will tell you her story.

ON THE MORNING OF BEN TANZER, 2012 (notes from a fortune-telling)

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In one photograph, you are seen holding a large, expensive elephant over your head. You are certain the name of this elephant is Fancy Dan, though you are certain also that you have never before met.

Remembering the Future

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I stand in your shower borrow your scents- Peach Caress Soap …

Social Network Lament

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but then I realize/ in a shame of mirror light

Killzone Excerpt: Tough Guys Love Too

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"Hey, how long we staying in this death yard man? I'm getting the creeps just looking at these graves."

Yes, A Dream

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...the completeness of pleasure tantamount to the end of all process...

Mirror, Mirror

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before the baby fat stayed// and the hair, unnaturally/ black and dry, thinned

Mirror, Mirror

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before the baby fat stayed// and the hair, unnaturally/ black and dry, thinned


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We can apprehend beauty only/ by framing it with the photographic/ paper’s edge or the novel’s margins/ and bookends.

The Facts of This Life as Its End Approaches

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The knees remind you: you are old,/ and broken, and unlikely to improve