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Faithful Still

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The moonlight illuminated Dahlia’s bare breasts. She remembered when Gerard used to appreciate them.

A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

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I came home from school to an empty house and watched the scrambled porn channel I could kind of unscramble with my black-and-white televisions v-hold and h-hold knobs. Hearing that cat wheeze down the hall in the bathroom was a mood killer.

Welcome to our community

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“Yeah, she's a real slut,” many contestants' mothers say. “If he could only keep it in his pants, he'd probably be able to stay in the country,” others say about their sons


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I watched myself tilt my head and coyly smile in the bottom right corner of the chat window-the two off-kilter lamps in the room were casting an asymmetrical shadow over half my face.

A Not-For-Kids Dream That All Boys Have

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The room turns red and I start screaming and ejaculating. The whole class is watching as Mr.Smith slams down my copy of the test with his right hand and swiftly tears off my penis with his left.


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She was skinny and with breasts like a wound up skein of yarn.

too horny for poetry

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sometimes the urge to write is like the urge to fuck