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Last Bell

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Coward, cuckold, she taunts: So be it. He's not a young man anymore, nor as clever as he once was, or thought.

Bad Attitude

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Start with a long look down the alley, a small hoodied figure turning in.


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My neighbors are building another snowdick. “You guys got this down,” I say. “The veining, and all- It’s very impressive. I hope you’re documenting, of course?”

Remarkable Depths of Semantic Ambiguity

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Thank you for submitting your epic poem I, I, I for consideration. While we are encouraged that you have relented from the ruthless self-endictment you affected so unconvincingly in your previous entry, Why Am I...

Get Me Gone

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On a corkboard in the entryway of the Leetonia Shurfine Market a curling handwritten sign said Room for Rent. Kitchen Living Room Laundry Privlages. $65 Weekly.

House Rabbit

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I would be proud to be your house rabbit. I make this case: I will listen flop-eared close to your every concern and exhultation. If I doze off nudge me. I wake quickly.

House By The Sea

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We were young, she said, it was all in front of us. We should never have settled for this.

After Bukowski

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The night she left she claimed she fucked Bukowski.

Berthier Door

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On Day 1122 at 4:14 AM the door which has remained since installation firmly glued to the masonry behind opens and a man emerges blinking shielding his eyes against fine stinging snow.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Stipple

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Chicks dig dots.


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In a corner of a neighbor’s land too stony to till Cob makes a mystery.

New Year's Eve

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Quail looked up at her. Unsmiling, challenging. Lemme just go wash my hands, he said. She closed the door, bolted it. You won’t need your hands.

How To Profit As Copper Becomes The New Gold

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We have no more leaders, only rulers who live in another country. I don't ask why my cousin's hand is bandaged, what he's been burning, what's tarped in his truck.

Little Yappy Dog

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Should I believe you now? I said fuck you. I knew better but I said it. He kicked me some but I covered up, he didn’t get me bad as he thought. When he got tired, he took my doorkey off my ring. Said make me come back, and I’ll kill you. And he left.


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The night we broke into Bron-yr-Aur it was too cold to make love. I said I wasn’t horny anyway. You put your hand on my forehead: Are you ill?