Remarkable Depths of Semantic Ambiguity

by Mark Reep

Dear Alsley Crane-Pinsch,

Thank you for submitting your epic poem I, I, I for 2011 Piedhoudt Fellowship consideration.

Unfortunately, while we are encouraged that you have relented from the ruthless self-endictment you affected so unconvincingly in your 2010 entry, Why Am I, to reconsider with a worldly exactitude ‘those other selves I might have become, might still, were they not all so predictable, so wearisome,' and though I, I, I plumbs remarkable depths of semantic ambiguity to raise stridently voiced negotiation with not only your own preceding work, but those plaguey regrets that haunt us all, you have failed to innovate sufficiently, to exceed: In a word, to dazzle us. 

In short, your self-purposement remains impressive, but your apparent boredom is contagious, and as your submission also suffers from inadequate familiarization with new Piedthoudt Fellowship guidelines (your entry's word count [37,423] somewhat exceeds the maximum length for poetry) this Committee cannot in good conscience nominate I, I, I for this year's Award.

Yrs regretfully,
Dr. Danforth Haverling Dobbs, Ph.D, M.A., A.M.T
Committee Chair