House Rabbit

by Mark Reep

What was I saying?  Oh yes,
it's true: I would be proud to be
your house rabbit.  I make this case:
I will listen flop-eared close
to your every concern
and exhultation.  If I doze off
nudge me.  I wake quickly.
It's genetic and let me assure you
I snore quietly too. I am largely
content with simple greens
though I do like ice cream
and earthtones.  Really I
require little attention.   
Turn the Mets game on
and I'm golden.  If you like
Jersey Shore that's fine too.
I am self-entertaining but
vigilant and have I mentioned
I hear very well?  This can come in handy.
I do smell cat on you and I will try
to avoid frightening it.  Live and
let live I say.  Isn't it all about
mutual respect?  I like to think so.
Don't you?