Top Ten Reasons Why I Stipple

by Mark Reep

10. I can't draw a straight line to save my life

9. I was just trying to bang some life back into my pen, and this happened

8. It runs in the family. And not that many of us were ever institutionalized, at least for long, so it can't be that bad...

7. Chicks dig dots

6. I thought this was a drywalling class

5. It's so weird, somebody's gotta wanna buy it

4. If I screw up, the mistakes are so small nobody'll notice 'em anyway

3. It's wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing, I've become a much calmer, kinder person- Waddya mean I've still got a ways to go? HUH? WADDYA MEAN BY THAT??!! 

2. Hey, I may be legally blind, but at least I qualify for disability now

1. Helen Hunt said it best, on Mad About You: I'm not nuts- I'm THOROUGH.