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A Message from Upstate VII

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My wife’s voice behind me says, “Where did you get that godawful tee shirt?”


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The box was large enough to hold a refrigerator. Or a child's coffin.

Drums, Like Metaphors

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It was the whole universe vibrating, some great secret of matter, proof of string theory if only string theory had been a constant dull thud of twelve year old boys; the solution to a riddle—take this city and fill it for a dollar.

How I met Kraai

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Still smiling, I grabbed a coffee mug and busted it across his eyebrow, staining his shirt with old coffee and blood.

Can't You Tell When I Get Lonely?

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“Can't you tell when I get lonely?”, she asks. “No”, I say. It gets awkward because she wants me to know when she gets lonely. I don't give her the attention she wants without realizing it. She moves away and stares at me for…

Your Old Untrue Love

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This is how we catch up. I write something down, and you read me quietly. In a year's time you will remind me, though I would have forgotten. I check to see if maybe you have put up a new song, every once in a while, but you don't sing as well as you used to.What has…


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Behind the bellicose façade lay a soft, compassionate soul. He sat within a swirl of rosy twilight hues, buoyed by the gently creeping tide. A dark wall approached and he mechanically spun and began stroking into the glassy canvas of light and ocean that lay between him…

The Law of Averages

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Like all quiet, despotic, introverted individuals, Karl was severely and deeply misunderstood by pretty much everyone around him. He had experienced more in his forty two years of life than most people would have cared to even imagine. The events which he


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When you happen upon my thoughtsA profoundly crazy feeling bathes me in its wavesFrom the earliest days and still continuingThis emotion builds itself into an intense stormSo strong as to have me smitten in the single beatOf my heartWhen our eyes meet, my heart stirs out of…


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Ted rose and began searching cushions of the bad furniture in his loft (Monte's loft, if you thought in terms of leases and rent and who had his shit together). Three shineless quarters in the yellow vinyl chair, a dime in the heater, nineteen cents in t

Spider Fuck

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SPIDER FUCK The horniest picture I ever saw was in National Geographic. It was a spider's asshole magnified fifty times. Resembled a soggy Cheerio on a slate background. I haven't been the same since.…


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I'd like to say something about killing people

The Art of Madness

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He had an addiction to elevating himself to higher levels of potential: some would call this ambition.

The Inheritance of Man

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And in the night the wild dogs bayed and snarled and rooted out your father’s corpse. The carcass hauled across the moonlit field while you stood waist deep in the grasses.

Of the Terrible Angels and Their Fleshy Conduits

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Everything is a transcription from one tonic structure to another that ordinary ears can tolerate.