Stories tagged madness

Spring Fever

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It was spring. All the villagers had gone mad. Every single one had become an unreliable narrator and no one had any idea what the truth actually was. Leonard decided it was best to lock himself in the house and order clothes,…


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Antonio and Zeca met on the black and white pavement by Ipanema beach, a few days before Christmas. Zeca had flown in from London that morning. He came back regularly to Rio de Janeiro, often with his wife and kids, but he hadn’t experienced a Carioca sum

Into The Night

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Under a conspiratorial moon… the shovel my silent partner… organ-less torso to the worms.

13 machines from the Bird King's private collection

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1. The sparrows' heads revolve slowly when you press the red button, but the boxing glove attachments don't work.2. A weird weaving of voices, unmusical harmony. One phrase punctures the texture: “The empty slot.”3. Poems are processed into more useful verbal…

Agnés and Albertine

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Albertine had never loved Agnés. Oh! She had liked her very much. Especially her wit, the skin at the nape of her neck, even the two freckles on her arse that would bloom when licked.