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An Overdue Submission

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I ate the last item of food I had bought on our trips to the grocery store together. It was a chicken breast, months old, that I had bagged and froze for later. I baked it in the oven.

Look No Further

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Happy people are never lonely. That’s what he said. Casey laughed, abruptly stopped, and glanced over at her summertime friend Joy who sat on the floor, fingering an ancient brass candelabrum. The candlelight flashed across her freckled young face—

Split the Hidden Hair

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he took me in his arms, and was about to take me… and daddy came around the corner yelling and screaming

Sort of Like Bukowski, But Completely Oblivious

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My eyes don’t close but hers are shut tight, and something inside tells me that to this girl, I could be absolutely anyone.

Some Notions of Humanity

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We enclose in the end of us, a wilderness.At the bottom—A wounding and bloodful sea.Between these two cardinal points, we divide,We love and evolve matching witsBlown by incessant airs of nirvanas there. Heaven, herself, is but a ready-made featherKnocking at the…

Memory Box

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Soft voices in private, in the street, city noise violence disappears she blinks her eyelids and I can hear the lashes intertwine and pull clear.

Out The Unloved, We Rise

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Of sleep my being anaclisis I wish you Knew the sultry, sunlit redwoods I soar through sometimes…

The False Lords Of Romantic Love

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I, too, am guilty of the ancient, air-borne crimeThat for spring of woman usurping womanPerforating senses, she too winters over time. Ah! it behooves, how men like to believeThe more attractive this genome of woman is,The more dedicated will be her love. Disillusioned,…

For A Beautiful Face On Night’s Striptease

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Bodied in you all insignia of womanly clings, fingers infinite to the dew permutations of beauty and beauty in parasol.

Tickled pink

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Where was Nietzsche when I needed him? How exactly did I become who I am?

Men on Mars

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My love was photovoltaic, not Elizabethan.

The Girl in the Storm

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There once was a girl who was lost in a storm. She wandered this way and that, this way and that, trying to find a way home. But the sky was too dark, and the rain too fierce; all the girl did was go in circles. Then, suddenly, there were arms around her

Five women: Penelope

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I have at the soul level only ever known five women if you dont count my mother.

Teenage want

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I want him to kiss me even if it feels like being licked by a fish.

The Journey

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She had four last names in her young life . . . her father Haaken picked the name Bjørnsund, after the area where he most successfully caught fish, the Bear Sound.