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north of paris

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Hopefully I will have a boy, and I will name him James.

Journey - Chapter 2

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"Keep quiet! Shut up! We don't want to do anything to stop us from leaving!" Klara hung her head, obeyed, and gave a sigh deep inside that no one else in the ferry line could hear, but all would understand.

Journey - Chapter 3

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“Perhaps I should have said yes. But one thing I learned from your Bestemor is that once you have found your place, it is best to remain."

Margit's Best Friend

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The prosperity spilled down to the immigrants such as Ivar and his sister Klara's husband Axel, providing as much work as they wanted. The pay wasn't great, but with the double shifts, the wives could finally stay at home to see to their families.


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On the first day of my diet, I only cheated once. But I sort of made up for it by taking the stairs at work and parking far away from the entrance to J.C. Penney. I went to the mall to look at the sexy outfits I would buy as soon as I could get rid of

What is this Irritating Wonderful Feeling?

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You were just another stupid cute teenaged girl

Smiles are for Suckers

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I walked her home. She lived eight blocks in the opposite direction of me, but it made her smile —I made her smile.

When Out West

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Eddie and Sid looked at each other, saw the dice from the mirror, hula girl on the dash, capri pants and shiny dacron tops on the bodies, bee-hives, smelled the gum. Sid leaned over to Rich and whispered “What are we, in a 10 year time-warp?”


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The boy ate, the girl considered it.

Billets Doux

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Dear Aspertame, Okay, are you REALLY bad for me? I keep getting e-mails saying you'll give me MS or Cancer, but then I also hear it's total crap. So tell me, are you going to kill me or what? Consider your answer carefully while I drink this Diet Coke.

Jesus Wept

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When my husband died, I was in bed with his brother. Ricky and I had been married six years, three months and two days when his little brother, Ben, and I gave in to the lust that just would not go away in spite of our prayers and tears.


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I hate walking into restaurants and cafes by myself to meet someone. I always feel awkward, as if no one will claim me. I'm hanging on the threshold now for an agonizing few moments scanning the room until I see my friend.“Hi!” she says, waving her cup at…

The Einsteins Of Earthworms

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To you, a sir or a ma’am—how to die? Is the first question we must frame In each generation’s itch how to live?

To My Love

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When the moon turned red, I searched for you all over the house, and broke every lock. I ran all over the city, and the earth shook under my feet. I smashed every door with a crowbar, and shot men and dogs. The cops fired at me, but I was impervious to pa


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Back when I was fifteen, Svengal, Mohammed and I used to scamper up to the roof of our sixteen story apartment building and use it as our Masturbatory. We called it that because it served as a sort of observatory where we could diligently perform our rece