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Love Eaten By VCR

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I wanted to finish our business. Our business would never be finished. Closure is such bullshit. Time does not wound all heels.

The Juniper Days - Part I

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She stepped into the spotlight like a butterfly released from its cocoon. Her dyed hair burnt like a flame, her eyes remained theatrically downcast as the music built to its crescendo. I knew something memorable was imminent.


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I flung the basketball at the hoop and Cooper shagged the ball. He was the luckiest bastard I knew. ...

Woman, Running Late, in a Dress

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Gasps and shouts, a hand on my arm, sequined gowns and expensive colognes parting before me. And then, there, Raymond’s crumpled form on the hardwood floor of the foyer, like a sleeve torn from a jacket, the stitches frayed and useless.


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He could smell the vestiges of alcohol on his folks. They’d let him stay up till midnight to mark the new year, and his mother had sneaked him a taste of her whisky. He remembered now what she’d last said before sending him off to bed, how strange it soun


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I find my mother’s pink Pyrex mixing bowl at the antique store on Fairview Avenue. It’s in the hands of a fat woman in a blue down parka, and she’s holding it upside down, squinting at the sticker on the bottom.

The End of America

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The second time she visited New York, New York, it was just in passing to get to and back from Long Island for the American Association of Women in Engineering conference. She planned to linger on a couple of days after to see more of the city. When th

Killing Hope

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Hope was beauty before I even knew what beauty was with her golden pigtails, brilliant blue eyes and an infectious smile — even after Jamie Delano flung his Frisbee, knocking out Hope’s two front teeth.


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The next week, she sends a small white box in the mail / with tissue paper, a ceramic mold the color of bleached bone—

Grilled Cheese

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She always liked grilled cheese sandwiches, the gooey melt of them, the buttery crustiness. Today, when she bites into the one I just made for her, her mouth turns down. She purses her lips. "What's the matter?" "Nothing." "Not hungry?" She's never hungry…

Rain - a poem

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Often I'll open a door to the rain Twist the key till the lock gives Feel the night cool against my face And let the water wash me clean I'd like to cry, I'd like to But that would mean my body Knowing my mind was in pain Sticking …

Las Vegas

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I am not bitter. I am as sweet as ripe strawberries drowning in champagne.


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This begins and ends and begins again with candied popcorn and peanuts and giant killer rabbits.

Another View Of A Grand One

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Dear their top tier totem: however prickly we reach, unlike here—we may not touch our Tao of love.

1994, What I Wanted

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Xanax, A hand gun, And the courage to pull the trigger