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Your Pajamas

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Your pajamas torture us. When moist they uncomfortably cling. They have evil buttons, and they cause us to stumble on them in the dark.


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I was driving by with a dampened eye

Constant Blinds

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I am forevermore here, with a vile blue floor, and blinds that perform mathematics

Painted Garden

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If he had simply faded like a shout from the street, the chaste tree she loves for its blue irony would not have been planted, nor the red clover made to bleed. It was always too dark, or windy, it was too late to call or…

No Dirt In Common

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I feel a strange loneliness for her...I think I will go to the beach, and forgive it for its sharp sand and lack of trees.

A Litany of Bruises

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It’s no surprise when Mark comes home drunk, nor is it unexpected when he grabs me roughly by the arm and slaps my face because I didn’t have dinner waiting for him. The difference is that this night tears spring to my darkened eyes and slide down my swol


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I Charles had always been bad at small talk, especially when the other person wasn't helping by taking part. “What're we doing after this?” He asked. Hiro's reply was to frown at…

The Other Side of the Wall

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I’m glad they put the wall up. When it gets a little humid around here, I can smell those damn people.


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A father's soft neglect has repercussions.

Anfal means "to take everything"

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they tried to trick the sun


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Years later, I found a map in my brother’s lonely apartment in L.A. “Bury me here,” he instructed in a scrawl on a map he had drawn of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Empty Pockets

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Empty Pockets

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We dance on rooftop, then I fall off.You're like, "oh shit."Pale blue lobster finds me. Says, "hello." Taps me with claw, "wake up." Looks around, concerned. Shakes me with two claws on collar.Scuttles away for a second.Comes back with warm, perfect, round glazed doughnut.…

His Laugh is My Yellow (or explaining skin color to a six-year-old boy)

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Max is the color of burnt caramelized sugar the sweet crust that decorates our bright enameled pots.

His Laugh is My Yellow (or explaining skin color to a six-year-old)

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Max is the color of burnt caramelized sugar the sweet crust on our bright enameled pots.