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Final Resting Place of The Pen

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Purchance to dream purchase ants to dream running Catalan sidewalk schoolyard fumble days berlin wall came tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down the mexico wall come tumbling down fuck you, Gorby. Head to radio, broadcast Hitler kill the generation di

My Mother Loved To Dance

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I can picture her

The Human Condition

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It's what sets us apart,/ the thin film of dust borne on the tongue/ we can never quite wash away,


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No one would have picked me out of a crowd as the morbid one, but it was true that thoughts of easy exits floated through my consciousness regularly. I did my research—the easy methods, painless, guaranteed methods—and felt prepared to do, well, w

Beach Bird Bliss

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This day, oh, this day… shoved joy and gratitude in my face, then tossed in beauty and just a touch of grace. A Piping Plover set my sorrows by the side, nabbing morsels when it could, then racing from the tide. Junior Eagle perched…

Don't Trip On My Exit Switch

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It’s nice, but, it’s weird not being in love, or maybe in love, sometimes in love. (Or, not in love. Frankly, we might be not in love.) Or, both of us might be. Or, only one of us might be. (Good lord, I hope it’s never me.)


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When you happen upon my thoughtsA profoundly joyous feeling bathes me in its wavesFrom the earliest days and still continuingThis emotion builds itself into an intense stormSo strong as to have me smitten in the single beatOf my heartWhen our eyes meet, my heart stirs out…


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If I had slept a little longer, I/ would not have seen this rarity at all.


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Hello again, sweet morning