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The Journey

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She had four last names in her young life . . . her father Haaken picked the name Bjørnsund, after the area where he most successfully caught fish, the Bear Sound.

Journey - Chapter 2

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"Keep quiet! Shut up! We don't want to do anything to stop us from leaving!" Klara hung her head, obeyed, and gave a sigh deep inside that no one else in the ferry line could hear, but all would understand.

Journey - Chapter 3

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“Perhaps I should have said yes. But one thing I learned from your Bestemor is that once you have found your place, it is best to remain."

When Out West

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Eddie and Sid looked at each other, saw the dice from the mirror, hula girl on the dash, capri pants and shiny dacron tops on the bodies, bee-hives, smelled the gum. Sid leaned over to Rich and whispered “What are we, in a 10 year time-warp?”

Pretend You Don't Exist

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A train came out of the dark to the platform they stood on, not billowing white-grey clouds of smoke, but flashing blue sparks from below. They boarded and sat on the straw seats offered, porcelained straps hanging from above, dark shadows flying past the

A Private Death in Venice

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. . . it is he, an increasingly nervous young man hitchiking cross-country, the same sinister driver stopping to enter his thoughts at every turn.

bric a brac road

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bric a brac road

Bus Ride

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Pretty boy looks over at me and grins, got a smoke?

My 50th birthday

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A customary phone call from home. What are you doing she says? Playing football I retort – what else. The usual sigh and a faint giggle followed. Much unlike how it backfired back in the late 20’s and we were going to make it the reason to break up! The p


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the moon is the pupil of the cave’s eye


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After seventeen years of struggling to wake up early in the morning, I had managed to wake up on my own. Actually, I think it was because I was unable to sleep that I was up so early. I had laid on the bed all night, staring at the dark ceiling, taking in every…

On the Train

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Japanese college kid on a student visa walks up and down the aisle in the latest hipster uniform trying too hard to look cool & as American as possible. A living mannequin escaped from an Urban Outfitter store, pink and black tight knit hoodie New York Yankees baseball…

That Buddhist Swing

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We spend life, or much of it rather, chasing epiphanies promised to us by hip prophets and free spirits.

It'll Take Your Watch and Wallet (But It'll Leave You So Much More)

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If anyone walks before her, they don't leave footprints.

A bollocks of a symbolic gesture

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Dead folk don't wake up desperate for a wee, which reassured me somewhat, despite the fact I couldn't move, couldn't see and must've gone completely deaf, since I couldn't hear a thing. So, not dead. Just buried alive. In which case it hardly mattered…