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Winter '69

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One minute Rudy was sitting up close to me, asking me how could Geppetto make a little boy out of a piece of wood, and the next, Steve was pounding up the stairs, yelling, "Carla, get blankets, warm clothes; we're leaving, we won't be back."


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"... a gaggle of scientists decided to classify the Bernstein bird a “Purplex Complex,” as it could sing more than one tune., in perfect pitch. But not only: it could sing more than one tune at a time, generally at least three tunes, which made neighb


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That was why his face looked like a mole's face - the kind of face I could love and the only kind of face that I could talk to.

Before I Forget (Notes from the Oubliette)

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Are you there? It’s been so long since I had someone to talk to. Besides Oscar and Wilde, I mean. I feed them crumbs of bread. They’re my pet rats, my only friends. Besides you, of course. How kind of you to remember me! How shall I begin?

Darkroom Tech

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Entering that darkroom is like slipping through the barrel of a rifle.


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5:57, and sunlight insinuates itself under my eyelids. today I wake up to the noise of time slowing to a mere trickle. today I wake up and I can't remember where I am or what your name was. I feel you fading into nothing but a…

The Weak Force

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So I walk behind Sandra’s desk and I put my radioactive tum-tum right up to her beaded dreadlocks and I tell her about the nuclear energy that is flowing through her right now. She laughs and screams at me the way I am sure her daughter does when someone

Ancient American Woman

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"Hell yeah," Yoko Ono agreed.

"Fine" in Detail

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“How are you?” Did anyone mean that?

The Anniversary

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.... The sun tears through the windshield as if it were an six-foot wide magnifying glass and for a moment it feels to them both as if they are in a manipulated universe of fire and ice, storm and heaven, as it does when the skies crack and spread open a

f**k xmas

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Christmas Eve arrives with a relief that the season of joy will soon be over so I can feel the pain I am denying myself. Rosie presses her face against the kitchen window, leaving ghostlike impressions of the tip of her nose and her lips on the glass tha

Full Circle

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I staggered away in the storm tears frozen to my cheeks.


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I am not in the now of Tomorrow, nor Today - ...