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Holly Hope had met Latest Girlfriend once and was pleased to see that the woman wore stylish dresses, even if the end results looked like Liz Claiborne had tried to clothe a cigarette machine.

The Humble Origins of The Milky Way (Boys)

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Lou's fat. I'm skinny. We're bums. Every Saturday night we perform a dance routine in the alley behind China Dynasty.

Pills In Your Book I Took

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If time prolonged, then I'll thank you when first off even God wasn’t enough nor family, friend, or lover too; as life tried boomeranging me—


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Something was changing. We could sense it in the circling air. A loss of stillness - and we'd been still for so long.

Dudes Who Want To Be Her Boyfriend

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She says he is not a real person. He says he doesn't understand. And that she should be with the dudes who want to be her boyfriend.

World Trade Center

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I can feel the souls of those who perished here They’re still here like old kites hanging in the sky tattered, but they won’t come down or can’t come down just yet because they haven’t fulfilled their unborn promises t

Recipe for the Broken

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This poem first appeared in “Walt’s Corner” of The Long Islander, founded by Walt Whitman in 1838.

Silent Season

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we are tired, you and I.


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We are the generation who tattoo our stories on our bodies, who pierce what appears impenetrable; we fly our scars like pennants.

Riposi in Pace.

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It was too young to be love. We were 5, a buzz-cut me, and you, plated with babyteeth

An Angel at Christmas

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Call it what you may but misfortune, bad luck, disaster, adversity and trials of different calibers can hit us at any time.We are human. We experience the ups and downs of life everyday. Out of a job, lack of money, health insurance and other luxuries that some people…

The Making of Mermaids

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You ran so quickly for a while no one could find you. Finally, you sent us a report. You had retreated to the sea, you had your legs stitched together, you became a mermaid and were applying to join the school.

The Trouble with Hope

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It's so fragile anything can kill it— one cold night, the smoking chimney too far off in the distance, another drought, everyone at the table either drunk or estranged; but like a fisted bud, it rides out even the deluge …

X, Chapter 4: The Median Happy Point

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“Now, touch the tree from here.” Alex looked at him, puzzled. Dad just motioned his eyes back to the tree, extended his own hand out into the air, and slowly moved his palm down, as if he was petting it.

A Thin Piece of Something

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Last week, Beatrice told Rick she doesn’t want to marry him because why should they need an antiquated religious ceremony to validate their love for each other? But really it is because she does not love him. They both know this, but only deeply. They do