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Dirty Mother For Ya, a response to Memphis Minnie, with a little help from Roosevelt Sykes and Blind Boy Fuller on Mothers Day

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Just stay at home woman, and do your job / wash those dishes, mama, its what I pays you for

My Man's Voice

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"...if you got you some magic, you don’t need you no luck."

Sweet Tooth

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There was a hole in my tooth. It wouldn't let anything go.

In Case They Come Back

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He started to give us the history of the village below and of the monastery itself. The monk said that Germans had come to the village in tanks and jeeps, gathered together all of the men and they took the men—walking in single file up the steep cobblesto

Sonnet of Magicicadas

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Like honey drips, like notes of a sonata come, Like a chrysalis is made and then abandoned, Like the bed of a river widens over years-- Slow, slow is how my love is meant to reach for you.

Leaving Las Vegas

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Now I'm out of fuel and on the side of the road, walking into the darkened trees, smearing mud on myself. I live in the forest now, I'll make a weapon from a simple rock and prosper.

Honey & Darling

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I hear them whispering to each other over dinner.

Where Have You Gone, Honey Bear?

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When I wake up and look to my left, will you be there with me, snoring like an asthmatic bear?