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There are questions I will never ask you

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There are questions I will never ask you because there are answers you will never give me As you said, we were basically children back then thin-skinned and easily maimed to never recover again only to become terminally sane.

Sincerity is out

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I liked one best when he threw off his scarecrow shackles and joked, pinching my knees I liked the other one when he was sincere though it was rare certainty I crushed his heart without a care so I deserve the hollow hold Even though I swore…

An Overdue Submission

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I ate the last item of food I had bought on our trips to the grocery store together. It was a chicken breast, months old, that I had bagged and froze for later. I baked it in the oven.

This Is It

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This is it- The time tumbling from my hands Like awkward bricks of sorrow and mortar. The body you saw, Unclothed and primitive Standing at arms length. Touching was not an option, Your tongue Tastes So Sour Since that night we met …

Splinter Off

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When we lived in the attic we were make-believe.


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"From up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire," he croaked, his voice scratchy from sobbing. In pinpoints of illumination he imagined his wife - *former* wife - Calli in that Mustang convertible he'd gotten her for a birthday surprise


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If you were looking for her She's in the backwoods grafting your skin from her thighs

Dear Sir

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[Lights up on CLAUDE. He's holding a letter, standing.]CLAUDE: Dear sir, We regret to inform you That your (that place with cream walls and dog hair…

Deep Comedy

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...a Swedish minimalist torture artist whose other greatest hits include “Neighbor’s Vacuum in A-minor” and “Car Alarm Quartet in B-flat.”

At the Fair

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You're on the Ferris wheel, and the wind is blowing just a little bit, and the sky is invisible behind a wash of white clouds, and your little yellow box tips when you look down, down to the fairway swinging. In the boxes below grandmothers are shrieking …

Act of Creation

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Mary ran her cake business in a way she could never have run her marriage. It was by appointment only, full deposit, partial refund (and this purely at her own discretion). Business was terrific and she had to turn down job after job. She only made…

Never Enough

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“it's never enough... no matter how good you are compared to the team..."

X, Chapter 13: Speak

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Mom was standing under the small archway between the kitchen and the living room, holding a mug of coffee in her hand. Since the chemo, her skin seemed to have evaporated, the blue and green of her veins were vivid through the cellophane of her skin.


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Natasha's fears got the best of her at this point. Her face is flushed from anticipation and the hair on her arms stands at attention. She climbs up the stairs as if she is hiking up a steep mountain, hugging each rail like tree trunks for support. Sweat…


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Reginald sat at the opposite end of the salesman’s desk, half-heartedly flipping through a large three ring binder of carpet swatches. Different thicknesses. Different colors. Purple for the adventurous. Beige for the safe. Animal patterns, abstract pat