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"Isn't it time to remove the nails, and put Jesus to rest once and for all," Mary asks.

All Good Catholic Boys Like to Suck Lolly's Pop

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Visions of sugared powdery plums danced behind closed lids as he inculcated the prayer ruled by nuns into his knuckles since youth.

Hollister Chicks & Gilroy Girls

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The job meant cleanin' up the chicken shack, aligning feed troughs and rebuilding the coops, but before that we had to do a most unspeakable act.

(3) Country House

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At one point he’d said: Don’t you have work to do? And she’d said: I’m doing it now.

Lovers on the Lawn

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One day, every girl I’ve ever slept with showed up on my lawn.


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He does not read what he’s giving them permission to do to him, just signs the release.

Statistics (or: Walking to Work through Lexington Market)

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I avert my gaze to the crab grass pushing through broken concrete, the spent condoms, the empty vodka nips rolling at her stockinged feet...

Opening Chapter from Mother's Beach

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He would be visible floating in the liquid nitrogen in the Plexiglas chamber, but the mechanisms for his maintenance would be silent. The building's electricity supplied power, but in the event of a power loss, an emergency generator would take over.

god's man

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He’s got the pages he ripped out of the Bible at the motel. He has crumpled them up into a ball and stuffed them into his pocket. The sharp little crinkles in the text are the teeth of God.

Banana Snake

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Each boy held a stick, nudging at something at their feet. Yuudai moved toward them, the burned grasses crunching like a cow eating heartily.

Bad Listener

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Sunday afternoon was the best. The kids drew straws for a chance to sit on the stool in the Kitchen with the broken armrest. I think mom thought it was an antique but it was just a piece of shit her dad picked up second hand.

Without Forgiveness

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Click-clack, click-clack. The cadence of the tracks below push George back and forth between what happened and what is to come.

Honorary Shaman

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The Strummer on my page / thrashes his guitar / in the back seat of / a cherry red Cadillac / convertible

A poem I woke up with, 'Purgo'

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Take the shower

An association game with the word 'guilt' (or how (not) to die inside)

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The past operates with incredible gravity. Powerful, efficient, deceptive. Thin, sleek cords sent out by it attach themselves to your back, your legs, your buttocks, the back of your head. Resist. Walk. One leg after another. Easy does it, like a baby. Do