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"For God's sake," my mother said. "There could be anthrax in the candy." My mother worried about me going out on Halloween.

Big C and Lil Puppet

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At that time I was meeting Jacob at 3:30 each afternoon in Joan of Arc Park so we could walk dogs together. This was our job.

Shit May Come And Shit May Go, But A Good Tarpaulin Can Last Forever

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It happens. Someone blows something off, someone else forgives it, then tat for tit and verse visa, and you’re missing someone’s wedding because you thought it was Thursday and they didn’t mention it to you anywy, but you’re still BFF and don’t

Like a Calm Sea

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“We should go again,” said Krishna. But Iqbal didn’t reply. He sipped his tea like he hadn’t heard, but a tremor passed through his right shoulder. His left arm was bandaged, and the wrist and lower arm were in a c


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The fabric on the waiting room chairs is stained and matted, but has been cleaned over and over.

A house of dreams

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I remember a house of dreams I remember all the jack-o-lanterns in a row laughing disconcertingly, their mouths collapsing inward minds exposed.


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Is there one who understands me?

In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried

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"Tell me things I won't mind forgetting," she said. "Make it useless stuff or skip it."

How I met Kraai

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Still smiling, I grabbed a coffee mug and busted it across his eyebrow, staining his shirt with old coffee and blood.

Valentine's Day

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I first met you in a February, but my best early memory is of your deep and sweaty tan. You'd been to Florida, I ran into you in the market, the sight of your tan made me hard for your pale parts. It was summer, you were dressed all in white, I invited you…

Above the River's Edge

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On the plains there are no cliffs, no vast mountain ranges to persuade us that we were somewhere above the world. Yearning to escape the pull of the Earth was the big dream of a plains boy…

Speaking of Home

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“I can’t go back there,” he said. He was speaking of home, the home of his parents, the mere mention of which caused his body to tremble. Anything would be better than going back there, even death.

How I Used to Ponder Stars

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Whenever I asked Beth, what if Star Wars was real somewhere, she’d reply, the Empire’s dead, babe.


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People assume he’s retarded, they say and do things in front of him that they’d never consider if they knew that he watches and listens to everything. With the ladies though, it’s more than that. He makes them feel good about what they’re doing.


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Fingers of angry red welts crossed his face and neck.