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I Hear Music Coming From Everywhere

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There is sex, somewhere. Somewhere it is there, hovering and then landing, silent and then singing, singing loud, singing almost as loud as the sun.

Divorcing Delia

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I held her hand through two divorces, I warned her that gorgeous Geoffrey was homosexual when she was oblivious, and I fed her children when she was off at rehab (four times before it 'took').


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I woke up pissed off—like that feeling you get when you take a long nap in the afternoon. Except instead of being on a couch or a bed, I was trapped in a mashed-up Honda on I-75.


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You stared at that girl, breathing in that sour milk smell knowing that was how you smelled too. Your clothes smelling of grilled cheese and bacon with a tasty whiff of Marlboros on top. What you wanted to see in that girl was friendship but what you saw

Secrets / Cigarettes

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We gave our cigarettes names.

How to Forget

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Refuse to go to the church service, even though you already missed the funeral. Tell his mother something came up. Call his phone over and over, just to hear his voice, until his mother asks you to stop. Make a recording of his voicemail. Delete it an

Breaking Dawn

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This is where he died, she says to me, and points to the damp pavement. Her hair is wet, and slicked against her neck. The humidity is making everything engulf her. The sleep shorts I bought her last July are loose on her now, but between the rain and


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No news spreads faster than news of a death. Word of the death of a child can be heard simultaneously in a thousand places. . . the word spread by telephone, in back yards from clothesline to clothesline, with whispers in grocery stores, in the looks on faces stunned into…

David and Jonathan

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When I saw themI thought for a moment we were in the Bible,though the one who was David was only playingwith the twelve strings on his guitar and handsthat really wanted to play with my hair. There was no Saul.The one who was Jonathan had all the anger,because he…

Ephemeral Summer

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the summer sky's leather coat emblazoned with the shimmer of galaxies, in testament to the true size of life so big it's no-life

to a gregarious stranger

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Three lines.

Incivility for Breakfast

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I gently honked my horn and gave her the kind of friendly neighbor wave that only friendly neighbors can give. She didn’t wave back. What the hell is her problem?

i went to raves & wrote songs

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A short poem.

Freeing Annabel Lee

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It drifted into the sea, I say, when you ask me about home. You’ve only known me for a few moments, so you’re not sure how to gauge me. You laugh, and make an Annabel Lee reference. The English teach in me wants to hug you. The New Jersey in me wants

A Balancing Act

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Turning me in circles, uncontrolled