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Bunting actually smacked Roy on the forehead, not once but several times. "Banish the thoughts of sex! Banish the temptations of the Evil One! Banish the thoughts of pussy and evil behavior, for this is your child, Lord..."

Welcome to Space Island

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He was still dozing when his father yelled out in joy at seeing the faded sign, complete with a cartoon rocket ship flying through the starry blue sky. It read "Welcome to Space Island! Home of the first monkeys in outer space!"

Crooks and Liars

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"Crooks and liars I say! What does a man have to do to get himself heard around here? How much does he have to spend on a lobster dinner Mrs. Callahan? Or how many drinks do I have to pay for Mr. Sanger?"


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"I want more grandchildren to spoil," the woman said. Will took a swig of beer at such moments. Maxine only answered with “someday” and looked over toward her husband. She knew it was his fault, didn’t really know why, but blamed him anyway.

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The Lladro Three Wisemen were the first to go.


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She was a rich widow who lived down the street.

All drains lead to the sea

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This soil is bereft, with only mocking water below, so catacombed in chalk.

Fertile Ground

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Miriam forced herself to focus on the kitchen door and on putting one foot in front of the other. “Is everything alright?” she heard Ada ask the family. “Of course, everything is fine,” the woman said. “What could be wrong other than the impossible serv

The bridge

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as long as you have some snacks up there I can be brave

Vintage Orlando

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"Benny can't come over anymore." I was 12. Latchkey kid, but we didn't call it that. Mom working in another town. Dad working in another town. My brother. 2. My responsibility. "Why? Why not?"