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Time stole you from underneath the goldendock. Writhing there, slick as a flapping tongue;lips gored, red, whose gaping could embolden weak hands behind the blazing buck blade, long ago pierced in your summer quietus, beneath the soft shade of a tackle box, as the…

The Blues are Running

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That was how it was, each day new and yet the same, finite and never-ending.


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...cause these oysters were the most famous oysters in the world but no more now, that was years before, in our grandfathers' tuxedo times...

a microcosm

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The right is empty, waiting to receive the load like a catcher behind home plate.

The Fish, the Fisherman, and the Sea

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My father is remarkably clever. That is, for a rundown, henpecked fisherman. He has caught me again. He has me slung over his back in a rickety lobster trap and I can hear him huffing and the water in him sloshing and though I can't see his face, I imagine it is ruddied…

A Kids' Guide to the Art of the Grift

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“We must never forget that we are children, and as children we dream, and when we dream, we dream of candy."


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I own this property. You can't camp here. No camping allowed.

Star Crossed Anglers

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“Got a big one boy! He's movin' real fast! Don't think he has had time to eat the bait just yet, so we need to play him out. Let the hook set. Don't want to loose him! Get the net ready!”

The Explosions Sound Like Gunshots

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The explosions sound like gunshots. Antonio Gattorno, absorbed in his work, flinches. He curses as he smears the brush across the canvas. He’s been painting since mid-morning. It‘s a hot summer day. Tomorrow is the fourth of July.

A Silent Scream

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She hated the noiseless dying sound they made as he stuck the hook through their eyes. She always wanted for them to scream, but they never did. They didn’t even blink.

50 Minute Fight

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Snap! Dylan’s arms flung forward as the rod bent toward the ocean. “Holy God! What did I snag?

Baited Breath: A Tale of Two Fishermen

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“Hiyamac.” “Lobuddy.” “Binearlong?” “Coplours.” “Cetchanenny?”

Emma Louise

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Emma Louise is walking over a concrete bridge when she spies, out of the corner of her eye, a man fishing, waist deep, in the river tumbling below. She is thinking that the water must be very cold on this autumn day, when she sees an extraordinary thing.

Oysters, Raw

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The wake, wait, it struts in golden gladiator sandals--New shore! For Sale by Owner, I bargain, compete with crustaceans, abalone and sugar crabs..

The Sequester

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When the government cut off the money stream to Kentucky's highway department due to sequestration, a term no one understood, Pete got furloughed one day a week. His crew buddies called the pay cut “see-castration.”