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As I fed Puff, I thought about the nightmare Lily shared with me that morning. She dreamed Puff had a hole in his throat and all his blood squirted out until he got as small and skinny as a deflated baloon.

Welcome to our community

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“Yeah, she's a real slut,” many contestants' mothers say. “If he could only keep it in his pants, he'd probably be able to stay in the country,” others say about their sons

Old Haunts

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“Why do you write filth?” they howl


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I play like I do with sister at home, pretend everything’s real, that the cross is heavy, that the walk to Golgotha is long.

Wednesday Afternoon

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A pebble jettisons against the living room window. Marnella looks out. No one is there. Still, uneasiness gnaws inside her.

Road Trip

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I'm sitting in a burned out skeletal frame of an old Cadillac on the side of Route 66 just outside of Kansas. Back home in New York State my sister is explaining to my mother that Jack Kerouac convinced me to run away even though he's been dead for years. They're…

Sex Ed With Barbie and GI Joe

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As soon as I discovered that nasty thing the grownups called “sexuality,” I just knew it would get me in a lot of trouble some day—with Jesus, my parents and some yucky boy—so I hid it. But my Mama and Daddy noticed my sinful sexiness way before I knew I

The Fish, the Fisherman, and the Sea

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My father is remarkably clever. That is, for a rundown, henpecked fisherman. He has caught me again. He has me slung over his back in a rickety lobster trap and I can hear him huffing and the water in him sloshing and though I can't see his face, I imagine it is ruddied…


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Years later, I found a map in my brother’s lonely apartment in L.A. “Bury me here,” he instructed in a scrawl on a map he had drawn of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Game Night

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We’re all competitive and drunk.

At the Wedding

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I wear a white dress. I vomit on hers.

what I wanted in 1968

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To be one with she who gave birth to put everything in my mouth her breast the dirt grass my finger blanket soft.


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Brandon had never liked standing in line; it was a childish tendency he had never grown out of. What likely annoyed him the most was likely the stillness, the lack of motion despite everyone else's insistence that they were getting somewhere. And it was slow, too,…

John & Jackie

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By the time I learned how much I loved my family, I was 3 years and eight-hundred miles away from them

Health Code

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Frank flosses twice daily, tries to get at least seven hours of sleep a night and avoids paper cuts.