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Miss Tennessee

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He was never really my dog. He was more like my step-dog, but together we named him Steve. We thought it was funny, giving a dog a man’s name like that.

How the Broken Lead the Blind Until They Both Become Something Else Entirely

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The blind woman cannot help spoiling her seeing eye dog and so one day as they step out of her building and onto the sidewalk she realizes the dog has forgotten its training. She ruined her first set of eyes with night reading and a refusal to get glasses


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Chasing invaders out of their trees and keeping hidden stores of food hidden is exhausting work that leaves city squirrels too tired and nervous to really relax.

Swicks Rule!

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She waves her hand around, says, “Pah!” and starts digging invisible things out of the potato salad with her bare hands.

Where Time is Water

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Dog time is water. Incidents bob near the surface, fall into whirlpools, sink or drift with the flow.

The Dancing Bear

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Because the dog sleeps all day, she's awake all night, whining at both sides of their bed, high and plaintive, punctuated by the rolling of her ball and the clicking of her nails on the wooden floor. Sometimes the ball rolls under the radiator or the bureau or the bookcase…


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Bloop. Velvet's paws hit the carpet. The new man of the house is on the prowl for food, a walk. Breakfast was Rice-A-Roni; for lunch I'm serving Ring Dings. Perhaps he'd like a bite?

Ezekiel Rising

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He was surrounded. They were pulling him out on the road. Trucks, dark, vast as mountains, thundered past but none paid them any mind and no one stopped to come to his aid. One of the shadow figures pulled him up by the armpits. He felt the nails, the tho

Blood Sugar

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Life feels like being stuck in a bus, next to a skinny bitch – the kind that keeps blinking.

The Animals

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You're fetching coffee in the kitchen and your mother is patrolling the area with her brutalizing eye. She hands you the cream. Her big pooch can't help himself and besides. You have no idea how long it's been since a man's come in there.

Cheat Sheets

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I decided to cheat on my husband the day the washing machine broke. It was Darrell's fault, anyway. If he hadn't tried to wash the dog in the Maytag, none of this would've happened. It just goes to show that a man who forsakes the normal use of a househol

When I'm Not Here

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She’ll get a dog a Weimaraner I know She’ll call him Alfie after her first two dogs He’ll try to get up on the bed She’ll say, Alfie, no, no But in the night she will let him so as not to be lonely

12 Dreams

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That dog again; enduring love.


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But the rats that stood before me now were lean and squint-eyed, looking sideways at me and sizing me up in terms of shank, brisket, flank, tip, and sirloin.

La Sombra

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The big-mouthed white woman came to the desert to study water. There are coyotes and rats and cactus and ocotillo. People and chickens and horses and cows. Lizards and bats. Scorpions and flies. Cats and dogs. There are four madrones in the plaza.