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To Go

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They say it's sex that makes us fleshBut it's the doctor's slab where we wait trussed by time or incidentfor the descending implement to leave at best our bones picked clean,at worst sent home in a bag.

Dinner for One

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He wondered why he ever thought to collaborate with her in the kitchen.


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i found bison, ostrich and deer on my plate tonight.


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He looked straight at her, not to challenge her, but to better gauge what it was she would throw at him. Her eyes always darted to the thing right before her red, swollen fingers snatched at it, like a thing possessed.

Six Months

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Bobby raises his wine glass in a toast, I raise mine in return, and we touch them lightly to each other, oh so lightly, as if we are afraid the glass will shatter.

Dinner at La Maison Bouche

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The knife that precedes the bigger knife that precedes the spoon that precedes the flat fork, with stuff like that I'm all butterfingers, & even though he's never been to Italy except once to shoot a gun when the world was a great big jumble, he remembers all…

How to Have a Dinner Party

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sherbet is hard cash.

A 3.7 GPA and 1.7 BAC

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I had a serious illness during my senior year of college called senioritis. It affected me primarily the second half of the school year, after I got into graduate school. So, with that, I…

The Going

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The honesty was in the going

Dinner, As Told On Twitter

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She sometimes ate her dinner standing up, in front of her living room window.

Making the Best of Things

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Protein Transfer

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Ham If you have never cooked a ham steak, you need not be afraid. The ham is often cut so thin that to over or undercook it is nearly impossible. The exterior reflects the centre better than any other meat; you will know when to stop.

Honey & Darling

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I hear them whispering to each other over dinner.


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Even at five years old, I could tell that Eloise was haunted by ghosts that shook her core, leaving her dangling and seeking stability in slowly repeating her compulsive routines.

One old and one new

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served as it is/ among these friends. The frayed filaments/ tickle my chin and irritate my nostrils,